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    • “CRE enables us to tailor our music to suit our customer profile, as well as our sales trends, on a daily and seasonal basis. This helps us to provide the ideal shopping environment in which both our customers and staff are happy. CRE deals with many installations for JD Sports & Bank Fashion throughout the year - and always provides an excellent and efficient service, along with advice and ideas to continually improve the music offering.” Mike Shields, JD Sports Fashion Plc
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Leisure and fitness audio and video

Fitness and leisure

For the fitness and leisure industries, CRE provides installation and support for Cardio Theatre, CardioVision and Audion systems - and our own Plexus solutions.

Fitness and leisure is a demanding industry - equipment needs to be kept on around the clock and is often subjected to repeated vibrations.

Supply, support and maintenance

CRE can plan, supply, install and support specialist personal viewing systems designed to work with exercise equipment. We are approved installers for Cardio Theatre, CardioVision and Audion - giving customers a range of choice and the assurance that their equipment is in the right hands. We can respond within service levels agreed with the customer for each type of equipment.

We also understand that fully working equipment is a key part of the fitness brand value - and strive to keep downtime to a minimum.

Ambient audio solutions

We also provide our industry-leading Plexus audio solution, designed to deliver ambient music for bars, restaurants and all kinds of leisure businesses. Music playlists are bespoke - created for each business, based on the needs and demographic of that business. Playlists are intelligent - able to shift depending on the day of the week or even the time of day. We can control and manage our Plexus systems remotely - even uploading new music - making them virtually hassle-free. We can also configure them with a virtual DJ - voiced links which appear at random between tracks and groups of tracks.