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    • “CRE enables us to tailor our music to suit our customer profile, as well as our sales trends, on a daily and seasonal basis. This helps us to provide the ideal shopping environment in which both our customers and staff are happy. CRE deals with many installations for JD Sports & Bank Fashion throughout the year - and always provides an excellent and efficient service, along with advice and ideas to continually improve the music offering.” Mike Shields, JD Sports Fashion Plc
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Hotel and hospitality

Hotels and hospitality

CRE provides the hotel and hospitality industry with audio/video systems and support on in-room entertainment hardware.

For hotels and conference venues, appearance counts - whether that’s background audio or meeting room equipment. That’s why companies choose CRE: specialists in audio/video solutions.

Plexus - the leading solution for ambient audio

Plexus means that hotel chains have one thing less to worry about. This is because Plexus is a fully managed solution - all the venue manager needs to do is turn it on. We can take care of everything else. We start by working with customers to develop their own unique playlists - which can be different at different times of the day and week, based on their footfall pattern. They can also accommodate special events and offers.

Our systems can be managed remotely - including uploading new music to the Plexus solid-state hardware, which is so reliable we boast a 99.9% uptime. Music can be either royalty-free or copyright-cleared, so you’re assured of meeting your legal obligations, too.

Audio/video equipment

We can also equip hotel chains with a wide range of audio/video equipment - everything from projectors to large-screen televisions - and even video conferencing suites. We don’t just supply and install these - we provide ongoing support, too.

In-room entertainment installation and support

While we don’t typically provide in-room entertainment systems, we are able to provide specialist installation and ongoing support services. After all, who would you rather trust, a generalist electrician or an audio/video specialist?