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Bar, restaurants and leisure

Licensed trade

CRE works with leading chains in the licensed trade, to provide music and audio/video systems.

The atmosphere within a pub, restaurant or bar is a key part of the customer experience. The right music can make a venue - the wrong music can break it.

Plexus wide

Plexus - industry-leading audio solutions

Plexus is a smart audio solution for the licensed trade. At its heart is a custom-designed audio unit which stores playlists on solid-state hardware and can be managed remotely by our teams of specialists. It can provide variations in playlists based on time of day (to meet your footfall profile), day of week - or to support a scheduled promotion/event.

But Plexus is about far more than just hardware. We work with organisations to profile their business, working out exactly what their audio needs are. We tailor playlists of either royalty-free music or copyright-cleared/managed material to suit their exact needs. Plexus systems can be controlled centrally, giving individual outlets a defined level of access. Plus, our remote management means that business managers have to do little other than switch the system on.

Audio/video equipment

We can also provide and support other audio/video equipment - such as large-screen televisions, electronic signage and even large video walls.