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    • “CRE enables us to tailor our music to suit our customer profile, as well as our sales trends, on a daily and seasonal basis. This helps us to provide the ideal shopping environment in which both our customers and staff are happy. CRE deals with many installations for JD Sports & Bank Fashion throughout the year - and always provides an excellent and efficient service, along with advice and ideas to continually improve the music offering.” Mike Shields, JD Sports Fashion Plc
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Retail and shopping


We provide audio/video and point-of-sale solutions to many of the high street's best-known brands.

It’s there when you walk into a store - music, setting the tone and mood for the brand. And, in many cases, the sound you’re hearing will be coming from a Plexus system, built, supplied and maintained by CRE.

Plexus wide

Plexus - industry-leading in-store audio

Plexus is designed and built by CRE. Its hardware is specifically created to deliver great in-store audio - it’s not based around clumsy, repurposed PC hardware/software. Audio is stored on solid-state chips - so it’s reliable, secure, low power and robust - we think it’s the best hardware available. Best of all, it can be managed remotely - everything from adjusting playlists to loading new music.

But Plexus isn’t just about hardware. With the hardware comes a service which we believe is second-to-none. We work with customers to plan their playlists - by visiting sites and, if needed, auditing footfall patterns. Music selections are planned around the brand, the democratic of the customer and the budget of the business.

Plexus can accommodate day-parting (different playlists at different times of the day, or days of the week) and supports special playlists for promotions or events. We can even provide a virtual DJ - random, professionally voiced links between groups of tracks: your own in-store radio station.

Interactive point-of-sale systems and digital signage

We can provide interactive point-of-sale systems and digital signage. We work with customers and their advertising agencies to provide engaging solutions which are on-brand and powerful in-store allies. Our electronic point-of-sale systems can run on tablet computers, allowing sales people to build up solutions with input from customers.

A wide range of support services

We also provide a range of infrastructure services, helping to support everything from electronic tills to laptops.