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    • “CRE enables us to tailor our music to suit our customer profile, as well as our sales trends, on a daily and seasonal basis. This helps us to provide the ideal shopping environment in which both our customers and staff are happy. CRE deals with many installations for JD Sports & Bank Fashion throughout the year - and always provides an excellent and efficient service, along with advice and ideas to continually improve the music offering.” Mike Shields, JD Sports Fashion Plc
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Music, audio-video, multimedia and more

Sound, sight and touch are a core part of retail, leisure, fitness and entertainment businesses. And it's this sensory experience that CRE understands - and delivers - so well.

Music and audiofind out more ›

In-store audio, leisure ambiance – it’s an essential part of the experience provided by many businesses. CRE’s Plexus isn’t just an industry-leading audio system – it’s a complete, flexible, tailored solution.

Exciting, engaging point-of-sale solutionsfind out more ›

Retail organisations need to engage customers with something more than shelves of products – today’s interactive, bespoke point-of-sale systems provide the answer.

Hospitality video and audio/video solutions find out more ›

Multimedia is at the heart of the modern business, especially the boardroom. CRE provides high-quality audio/video solutions complete with ongoing support.

Infrastructurefind out more ›

Both inside and outside of our specialist industries, we provide a range of services to upkeep our clients’ technical infrastructure – taking away those support and maintenance headaches.