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    • “CRE enables us to tailor our music to suit our customer profile, as well as our sales trends, on a daily and seasonal basis. This helps us to provide the ideal shopping environment in which both our customers and staff are happy. CRE deals with many installations for JD Sports & Bank Fashion throughout the year - and always provides an excellent and efficient service, along with advice and ideas to continually improve the music offering.” Mike Shields, JD Sports Fashion Plc
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Both inside and outside of our specialist industries, we provide a range of services to upkeep our clients' technical infrastructure - taking away those support and maintenance headaches.

Any modern business has significant technology support needs - but businesses in retail, leisure and the licensed trade have very specialist requirements.

Performance based on understanding

Because we work deeply within the retail, leisure and licensed industries, we have a specialist understanding of their needs. So, we can provide support and maintenance services for their infrastructure which takes into account the unique nature of their business. These include designing, deploying and supporting:

  • ’walled garden’ networks, to provide restricted and controlled Internet access to customers, without compromising the host’s network or systems.
  • network infrastructures, both wired and wireless.
  • Internet access solutions.
  • firewalls and IT security systems.

We also support and maintain specialist third-party systems such as tills and EPOS solutions. In addition, we provide hardware maintenance on a wide range of desktops and laptops, including creating and deploying secure OS/software images.

Although we typically work within our target industries, our infrastructure skills are broad enough to also satisfy the needs of corporate organisations.

We work within agreed service levels - determining with the customer the appropriate response to specific support issues.