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    • “CRE consistently delivers against our tight schedules. The team has a huge wealth of expertise and always finds a solution for our retail stores. A pleasure to deal with.” Andy Down, Virgin Media
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Music and audio

Music and audio

In-store audio, leisure ambiance - it's an essential part of the experience provided by many businesses. CRE's Plexus isn't just an industry-leading audio system - it's a complete, flexible, tailored solution.

Some experiences just aren’t the same without music. Shopping, eating and drinking, exercising - without that essential audio to keep all of the senses fed, these can be sterile events.

Plexus stacked

Plexus - audio for retail and leisure

Plexus is CRE’s exclusive, complete and fully managed audio solution for high-street stores, supermarket chains, pubs, bars and restaurants. Based around purpose-built hardware and backed by a full range of services from site audits to managed playlists and support, it’s no wonder that Plexus is chosen by so many high-street brands. Find out more

Cardio Theatre - dedicated fitness and gym entertainment

CRE supplies, installs and maintains Cardio Theatre’s range of audio/video entertainment solutions for UK fitness facilities such as gyms, health centres and leisure centres. Find out more

CardioVision - fitness and gym video equipment

CardioVision’s large screens and personal viewing systems are designed with health clubs and fitness facilities in mind - always on, high-use systems that are both great performers and highly reliable. Find out more