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Cardio Theatre - audio/video specifically for fitness clubs

Fitness and leisure clubs need robust, reliable equipment which can be kept on 24 hours a day, every day. They need something that's designed for the job: Cardio Theatre.

CRE is an approved installer for Cardio Theatre audio/video systems, which are designed to meet the demanding needs of fitness venues. Cardio Theatre’s range of personal viewing screens/systems are specifically designed to work for exercise equipment such as running machines.

The Cardio Theatre range

The Cardio Theatre range of equipment includes the PBS15, a freestanding TV/radio unit which works with most equipment, and the more advanced PVS12, designed to work with specific fitness equipment - and includes an interface to enable those exercising to connect their own iPods, to not only listen to music but also play their own videos on the Cardio Theatre screen.

Installation, support and maintenance

Not only do we install Cardio Theatre equipment, we can also provide ongoing maintenance - keeping the equipment running, if you’ll excuse the pun! The ‘always on’ nature of this equipment dictates a high level of maintenance - and the nature of a fitness business is that issues need to be resolved quickly. So, we provide support contracts to meet our clients’ specific requirements. We work with a wide range of organisations, such as major fitness chains, fitness and leisure clubs and local authority-run leisure centres.

Audio/video for the whole business

In addition to equipment for exercise machines, we can also supply Plexus background audio solutions for the whole venue, including music and, if required, a virtual DJ. These low-maintenance systems can be remotely managed and include different playlists for different times of the day or days of the week.

In addition, we can also provide other equipment, such as large television/video displays, satellite or Freeview receivers - and, of course, audio/video distribution systems.