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Plexus - a more complete audio solution

Music isn't just about hardware, so Plexus isn't just a music player. Plexus is a fully tailored, fully managed audio solution that will enhance just about any business.

While Plexus isn’t just a hardware system, our bespoke and exclusive hardware really does rock. At the heart of our music solution are two Plexus systems: purpose-built (not repurposed PCs), efficient, secure and robust - with a 99.9% uptime rate that makes potential failure a negligible occurrence.

Plexus wide

Based on solid-state technology, Plexus balances its reliability with low running costs. We can update and manage Plexus remotely, making it a true zero-maintenance solution - although we can provide updates via CD for businesses which can’t provide us with network access.

Plexus is far more than just hardware

Plexus solutions are just that - the whole problem solved. First, your solution is your solution. We meet with clients and survey their sites - not just from a technical perspective, but also to understand the client’s business, customers’ age profiles and much more. This enables us to not only install our hardware in the most effective way possible, but also to provide playlists that intelligently match an organisation’s desired ambiance and footfall patterns. We work with clients, to refine their playlists - starting by providing samplers and then collaborating to develop those into exactly the right mood for their business.

The virtual radio station

We can provide more than music, too. We can provide a ‘virtual DJ’, a pool of professionally voiced links, to appear automatically between tracks or groups of tracks - what’s more, these can be customised by region and time, to provide promotions (for example) on specific dates.

Hassle-free management and support

Once Plexus is up and running, that’s pretty much it. With network access, we can manage the units remotely, including uploading new music and playlists. Our custom software can keep the music varied with full support for day-parting (different playlists at different times of the day or days of the week) and even on-demand playlists for special events. (If you can’t provide us with network access, we can supply updates via CD.) We can supply either copyright-cleared music or royalty-free music.

Central control

The licensed trade, retail and leisure chains appreciate that they can control what their stores/outlets are allowed to do with each Plexus unit. So, our customers can have central control, local control - or a mixture of each.