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Exciting, engaging point-of-sale solutions

Retail organisations need to engage customers with something more than shelves of products - today's interactive, bespoke point-of-sale systems provide the answer.

Offering everything from hand-held touch-screen tablets to large digital signage, CRE can provide a complete point-of-sale solution that’s ready for today’s customers.

Digital signage solutions

Digital signage is fast replacing printed displays - and it’s easy to see why. CRE’s digital signage solutions can be centrally managed over the company’s network, allowing regional and local messages/promotions to be controlled with precision. CRE works closely with customers to develop fully bespoke solutions to their signage needs, often working in conjunction with their advertising or design agency to build the content around their brand and planned campaigns.

Multicast perfection

We can even provide in-store multicast solutions, delivering the same (or tightly related) content to a range of devices - including screens, mobiles, tablets and laptops - all at the same time.

Interactive point-of-sale systems

CRE can provide both the hardware and content/software for interactive, touch-screen, point-of-sale systems that use today’s powerful tablet computers, such as the iPad. Solutions include project configurators and ‘deal builders’ - we typically work on the content with the customer and/or with the customer’s design agency or third-party partner. We can also configure such systems to use ‘walled garden’ Internet access, providing access to the Internet (including access to certain websites, or excluding access to certain websites or groups of websites) but without access to the customer’s own IT infrastructure.