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Hotel room audio-video

Hotel room audio/video equipment

CRE provides expert installation services for a wide range of televisions and audio/video equipment for the hotel industry.

Hotel chains often require a consistent standard of installation and support right across the country. CRE is able to provide this.

Installation and support

While we don’t typically provide the entertainment hardware for hotel rooms, we do provide excellent installation and support services. We work with a wide range of hardware - working within an agreed framework and service level.

Most importantly, because audio/video is our business, you can be confident that equipment is being installed and maintained by specialists rather than generalist electricians.

Plexus audio systems

For hotel chains requiring ambient music, we offer our dedicated Plexus music solution. This combines reliable, purpose-built hardware, audio design services and ongoing maintenance and support. We can provide custom playlists that change according to the time of day or day of the week - and even custom playlists that can be added online. We can also manage our Plexus units remotely, so that they are truly a ‘set it and forget it’ solution.