Our story

CRE is one of the UK’s leading audiovisual integration companies, offering an end-to-end service to blue-chip organisations.

We have a management team that’s been in place for over 20 years, and clients who have been with us for even longer. They know that CRE provides unparalleled creativity, flexibility and service, designing solutions that incorporate music, cutting edge digital visuals, powered by retail IT and attentive technical support.

At CRE, we know your world and can reconcile the sometimes differing needs of property managers (maintaining efficiency and service levels, maximising budget, hitting targets) and marketing mangers (customer experience, brand building and sales).

We take away the pain and deliver a solution that’s scalable, whether you have one, 10 or 100 branches, nationally or globally. You’ll get a consistent experience across your entire business, delighting your customers and driving sales.

One company. One end-to-end solution. One call is all it takes.

Call us now on 0118 930 5599.