The Power Of Music


It is more than likely that at some point in our lives we have thought to ourselves…what would the world be like without music? We would then usually conclude that it would be a significantly more boring place without the tunes, beats, melodies and lyrics that we grow to love so much and often form emotional connections to. There is no getting away from the fact that music holds the power to evoke certain feelings and have a significant and often instant effect on our mood and our behaviour.


It is no secret that commercial venues use music to create environments that influence in-store traffic flow, sales volumes, product choices and much more. The music played in a store, bar or any commercial venue should reflect the brand, be a point of differentiation from competitors and a strategic tool for targeting specific customers.


There have been many studies about the genre and pace of music in relation to customer buying behaviour, with the general conclusion being that the slower and more relaxed the music, the more time the customer spends on the premises, with the customer taking more time to consider their purchases and actions. Of course, on the flip-side, fast-tempo music results in more fast movement and shorter dwell times but increases the likelihood of impulse buys. The actions related to the music are often sub-conscious but the effects of music on customers is well documented and has been studied by many for years.


The choice of music and its volume is a very complicated decision and one that needs to be adapted throughout the day to match those who are within the venue. For example, in a restaurant or bar you do not want to have high-tempo music blasting at 3pm where people are trying to enjoy conversation, whilst savouring their meal and drinks. A slower, relaxed tempo and quieter music is likely to keep the afternoon crowd in longer, and ultimately increase their spend.


Conversely, if you are managing a lively bar, your crowd expects you to provide a certain atmosphere to complement their social experience. In this situation, you would definitely increase the tempo and volume of the music to the satisfaction of the customer. An important point to remember is to stay on brand. People like to know what to expect!


This can all sound very daunting, thinking of the right music whilst you balance hundreds of other tasks and responsibilities of running a successful business. At CRE we take the stress away, using our years of experience to provide bespoke, end-to-end to music solutions that are perfectly suited to your business.


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