Case study: Third Space

A state-of-the art audiovisual experience

Third Space is a chain of premier fitness clubs in London. They approached CRE to provide a state-of-the-art experience for their new City gym, incorporating the very latest music, visual and lighting effects.

CRE designed a bespoke solution that handles complex lighting, mechanical, audiovisual and engineering elements. It seamlessly integrates third-party technology such as heart-rate monitoring and virtual fitness.

Tailored, flexible and easy to use

Our high-end distributed music system provides background music for the gym space, using the latest audio systems. DMX lighting in the studios and Martin Audio speakers throughout, together with a cutting-edge signage platform, create an unforgettable experience for members.

Designated wired presentation points are available for instructors throughout the gym so they can simply plug in and go. These points are complemented by wireless presentation, allowing complete freedom and flexibility.

Our in-house team developed a bespoke interface to allow instructors to control lighting, audio and video – direct from their exercise bike, using an iPad. The system even controls industrial fans in the spin studios that are designed to create a headwind effect.

Working closely with client and project coordinators, we created a user environment that centralises and automates all elements through an intuitive, non-technical, user-friendly interface.

First-class job, highly recommended

“Andy and the team did a first-class job in helping us create a unique experience for our clients. They don’t just run with the brief as is – they proactively seek ways to improve and streamline every aspect of the project. Highly recommended.”

Harry Kay

Property & Facilities Director, Third Space